Hey! We design & build:

We Offer 3 Simple Packages

You only pay for what you need and not for what you don’t!

  • Starter

  • £72 annually (£6/month)
  • 1 Page
  • Choice of  .com or .co.uk
  • Email Contact Form
  • Email Forwarding
  • SEO & Mobile Friendly
  • £50 Setup Fee
  • Select Package
  • Standard

  • £132 annually (£11/month)
  • 10 Pages
  • Choice of .com or .co.uk
  • Email Contact Form
  • Email Forwarding
  • SEO & Mobile Friendly
  • £50 Setup Fee + Design Costs
  • Select Package
  • Professional

  • £192 annually (£16/month)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Choice of .com or .co.uk
  • Email Contact Form
  • Email Forwarding
  • SEO & Mobile Friendly
  • £50 Setup Fee + Design Costs
  • Select Package
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You can benefit with uBranch

All our packages include:


Our starter package is built on a very professional template. We add your logo and customise the colour scheme to represent your brand. You don’t need to pay for a designer on this package so it is ideal for those looking for great design on a small budget.

Our standard and professional packages are both built on a combination of professional templates and bespoke layouts depending on your needs.

Before we begin building your site we always take time to discuss your website and business requirements. Once we have agreed a focus we then provide a suitable package recommendation and a quote based on the design hours required.

Our experienced designers then take pride in creating intelligent and intuitive designs to help your business shine online.

Our UK based designers are chargeable at an hourly rate of £30.


We have years of support experience and knowledge educating UK businesses with best practises and helpful information.

No matter your skill level we are here to help. The only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.

We like our personal connections with you and we always put our existing customers first.

HOSTING and Backups

You don’t need to worry about any other online subscriptions to maintain your website. Our service offers everything you need for a successful website in one tidy package.

Our service lives in the cloud, so it’s always available and backed up, leaving you more time to focus on what you’re great at!

Best Practises for usability and search engines

Our service uses the latest web languages and structures so that search engines understand the value of the content on your site.

As we are passionate about performance and efficiency all your sites will be lightning fast. Not only do your visitors benefit from this but search engines will love you too!


All our sites are responsive and designed to look great on any size device, from desktop down to mobile.

Mobile devices usage is growing drastically online year on year. It is not uncommon to see over 50% of visitors viewing your site from mobile devices like a smart phones and tablets.

All our sites are mobile friendly and we actively optimise for mobile devices rather than it being an after thought.

Having a mobile friendly site doesn’t just mean it is visitable on a phone or tablet.. it means it’s still useful and intuitive to use!

Email Forwarding

Free email addresses from hotmail, msn, google, yahoo & others look unprofessional. If you lose access to that account you have to update your stationary or even worse your vehicle graphics.

We offer unlimited free email forwarding which allows us to point emails to any personal inbox. The advantage of this is that it looks professional on paper / vehicles and we can control where emails are sent to with minimal hassle.

An example of a forwarded email would if you emailed hello@yourbusiness.co.uk it would be redirected to you@hotmail.co.uk. If this needed to be updated we could point it to you@gmail.com for example.

This is great as it’s secure, professional and free! The only downside is that if you reply to these emails, then the reply will be sent from your personal email address. If this matters then we recommend using our full paid email service via Google Apps for business.


To measure the popularity of your site we recommend  you use Google Analytics which is the best tool in the industry and free.

You can link Google Analytics with your site very quickly and start capturing your visitors information.


If you have a word document, mp3 or pdf file that you need to share with your customers or visitors you can upload them to our service.

Our file storage is intended to be used to share PDF files, Documents with your visitors or clients that are relevant to your business.

A .co.uk or .com Domain Name

All of our packages include a .co.uk or .com domain name.

If you have an existing domain name then you can migrate it into our care so that we can manage it on your behalf.

There are a few advantages to us looking after your domain name:

You don’t have to worry about losing or expiring domain names.

You don’t have to worry about making technical changes to where the domain points.

We don’t charge for additional administration related to your domains.

We transfer domains back into your care if you ever request with no fee’s from us.



Secure your content with our password secured pages option. We can enable a password of your choice to any page easily.

This option is great for sharing private documents, images or content that you show to certain visitors only.


Our email contact form option allows you to be sure that you are receiving all your enquiries via your website. No more lost emails or potential clients!

We automatically store an encrypted copy of your contact form enquires as well as sending you a copy via email. If you think you are missing an email or have a low enquiry volume we can confirm how many emails have been sent that week via your contact form and forward them onto you again if required.

This option is great for peace of mind that all of your emails have been received via the website.


Google Local is a free tool to help your business get listed online geographically. We can help you set this up and place a clickable map on your website to help your visitors find you.


Videos are a great way to showcase your services online. We can’t recommend enough the power of video online to help give insight into what you do.

We support embedding videos onto your site from YouTube and Vimeo.


If you are new to social media we can help you get started by recommend which social media sites would be best for you.

Once you have created your social media accounts we can link to these on your website in various ways.

Most social media sites like Facebook and Twitter also have widgets that we can embed on your site to enable a live data feed on your site.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are our most popular widgets.

Our Extras Include:


Improve your branding with a professional logo design. Our UK based designer will offer 3 initial designs based on your brief and their insight into your business. You can then choose  from 1 of the 3 ideas that best represents your business.

If needed you can carry on with the designer to refine the idea until you are happy.

All logos are designed with the latest standards in design and print. Our designer provides you with a digital vector file that can be used for business cards or to fill a billboard with no loss of quality!

Logo Design – £150


Creating a professional brand doesn’t have to be expensive. Our UK based designers can carefully craft an unique brand based on your initial input.

  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Facebook / Twitter Cover Images

On completion you will receive the original digital files so that your brand is fully in your care.

Brand Identity Package – £300


If you’d like to match your email address with your web address we recommend using Google Apps for Business.

They offer an email service that is around £2.75 per month per inbox including use of their calendar, drive and document tools.

We can help you setup a Google Apps account!

Our setup cost is optional – you are welcome to setup your Google apps account yourself or with a Google Apps advisor.

We only offer our services to set this up to offer you a complete hassle free solution.

Setup of Google Apps for up to 10 new inboxes –  £30

Additional Customisation / Design Work - £30/hr

Our designers rate is £30/hr and the amount of hours needed completely depends on the design or features requested.

We will need to discuss your requirements to give an no obligation and accurate quote.

We are always up front about any costs and our rate is extremely competitive within our industry where it isn’t uncommon to see UK designers charging over £60/hr.

Additional Domain Names - £10/yr

All our packages come with a .co.uk or .com domain name. If you would like any additional domain names you may add as many as you like

We offer this service at cost so that you don’t have to have the hassle of managing domain names with another provider.

Additional Domain Name – £10/yr

uBranch client on a laptop
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is uBranch suitable for me?

Our system is best suited for UK businesses that require an online presence to attract new clients. You can also take advantage of our beautiful designs to simply showcase your work.


We don’t focus on a single business sector as our knowledge and skill set benefits any sector in the UK.


If you have a website already we can handle content migration with best practises to make sure any search engine benefits currently gained are not reset.


We have handled hundreds of site migrations and are well versed in making this an easy process with minimal input from our clients.

I'm not very technical

We keep things simple. If you are daunted by the web or don’t know where to start then just ask. We find it’s much better to arrange a call and chat about how we can help if you are unsure.. We can also speak “geek” if that’s your thing!


One of the most common reasons for an unsuccessful website is the steep technical learning curve. There is a lot of excellent information on how to improve your website online but this doesn’t mean it’s easy to digest or implement.


We keep on top of all the latest changes to Search Engines, the best web practises and keep our system up to date proactively. We also share helpful snippets of information with clients to help them make their websites as effective as possible.

Are your sites effective?

All of our sites are designed with great attention to detail. We find out what the main aim of your business is and we create your site with the emphasis firmly on that focus.. (one focus could be to get more email enquiries for a specific product) for example.


We are experienced designers and know how to best display your brand and content. Making for a professional site that is easy to read and navigate.

Are your sites optimised for search engines?

Our client sites fight hard for their position in search engines like Google. Helping you get found online is one of our main priorities.


We do everything we can from a technical point of view and also supply the information to help you improve your site naturally too!


Google is the leading search engine, and is essentially a recommendation system that connects it’s users with the most relevant website they can.


We exceed the industry standard for site quality to help keep your site the most useful and relevant result in Search Engines. Even though you or another human will rarely see your websites code it still matters a lot.

Do your sites work on Desktops, Mobiles & Tablets

Our client sites work perfectly on desktops, tablets and mobile devices allowing visitors an expected and useful experience.


The shift to “mobile browsing” is already upon us and most sites that we work on receive over half of their traffic directly from mobile devices! This is a big concern if your current site doesn’t respond well to mobile devices!

Where are you based?

Our support is all based in the UK and we are very knowledgable, friendly and patient!


We want to make your web experience painless so you can spend more time doing what you do best!

Do you have UK support?

We offer friendly, fanatical UK support. We constantly add to our help guides and offer advice on how to improve your site.


We are always keen to offer suggestions or advice on how to improve your online presence.


To help keep costs down of our packages the majority of our on going interaction is via email.

Do you keep up to date with the latest trends?

Our service is constantly evolving.
The web is a rapidly changing landscape and we feel the only way to succeed online is to keep in touch with the latest technologies and device support.


Whilst there are many ways to build a website online, we offer a more complete solution.
Our sites are built from the ground up with an extremely high quality that is rarely seen on similar services.


We value code quality, search engine algorithms, website speed and much more to provide you an effective website that gets found and generates business.

Can you get me to the top of Google instantly?

It’s always best to focus on creating a high quality website, with well written and relevant content.

In the early days of search engines it was quite easy to gain a better keyword position than the site technically deserved. However modern search engines are much more sophisticated and complex, with constantly evolving algorithms.

When Google releases updates to their rules there are two kinds of sites that suffer:

  1. Sites that are trying to cheat the system
  2. Sites that are poorly coded & outdated


When poor sites are penalised, a well designed website will benefit with an increased position in the search engine.
This is why it is so valuable to create the best foundation for your site as it will create a valuable asset for your business that will reward you for your efforts.